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FBI / J. Edgar Hoover


J. Edgar Hoover
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J. Edgar Hoover Building (above): FBI Headquarters

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The FBI Today - The FBI Then

 “The FBI is headed by a Director who is appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate.” J. Edgar Hoover remained in his position as FBI Director for a term of 48 years. Due to his extended amount of time as director, Congress passed the Public Law 94-503 after his death. This now limited the term a person is able to serve to 10 years. This law was passed on October 15, 1976.

          Today, the FBI’s director is Robert S. Muller III. Muller was acknowledged by the Senate on August 2, 2001. “He took the oath of office on September 4th, 2001.” The public Law mentioned above limits him to 10 years as Director. Therefore, he has roughly 7 years left to serve our country. "FBI Headquarters is currently located in the J. Edgar Hoover Building on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC. The Special Agents and support personnel who work at Headquarters organize and coordinate FBI activities around the world.”

        Current day FBI Headquarters personnel “determine investigative priorities, oversee major cases, and manage the organization’s resources, technology, and personnel.” Headquarters also has a role in gathering and distributing information. For example, if a Special Agent in one state had information that would help an Agent in a different state solve a case, the FBI Headquarters is responsible for making sure the information gets from one state to another. Another important aspect of the FBI today is its key important role in fighting terrorism. “It is the focal point for intelligence, not only from around the country, but from the CIA and various countries overseas.” The FBI gathers important information, analyzes it, and then distributes it to any force that may need it. 



The Duties of the FBI

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1. Protect the United States from terrorist attack.
2. Protect the United States against foreign intelligence operations and espionage.
3. Protect the United States against cyber-based attacks and high-technology crimes.
4. Combat public corruption at all levels.
5. Protect civil rights.
6. Combat transnational and national criminal organizations and enterprises.
7. Combat major white-collar crime.
8. Combat significant violent crime.
9. Support federal, state, county, municipal, and international partners.
10. Upgrade technology to successfully perform the FBI’s mission.


The Federal Bureau of Investigation.