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.:Important Characters from The Great Gatsby and their relation to the FBI:.

Nick Carraway

Nick is the narrator throughout the entire course of this novel. Nick can be seen as playing the part of J. Edgar Hoover. His constant questioning about Gatsby and what is really the truth vs lies can be compared to Hoover's attempts to root out supposed "Reds" during the cold war.

Jay Gatsby

Ah...the infamous Gatsby. Being that the book is named after him, he must be important. We learn that Gatsby was not always rich, but was at one time a soldier and rapidly gained his wealth. This is how we can see Gatsby as one of the most notorious criminals ever. He is in love with Daisy and is trying to impress her.  He spends the rest of his short life trying to win Daisy's love with his money earned from bootlegging and other illegal means, and builds a huge, gaudy mansion across the bay from the home of Daisy and her husband. He convinces Nick, Daisy's distant cousin, to bring the two of them together, and for awhile Gatsby and Daisy have an affair.

Tom Buchanan

Tom is Gatsby rival due to the fact that he was the one who married her. Therefore, we could safefly view Tom as a rival criminal. While Tom gained his wealth legally, he is impure and cheats on his wife with a woman named Myrtle. This impureness is why we can view Tom as being a criminal.

Myrtle Wilson

Myrtle can also be viewed as a criminal because she too cheats on her spouse. This "criminal offense" is what got her killed by Daisey. She broke the laws of marraige and therefore, was punished for it.

Jordan Baker

Jordan is also a part of the criminal gang of this book. A compulsive liar and a cheat, she is almost as shallow and careless as Daisy.

George Wilson

Myrtle's husband and the owner of a garage in the Valley of Ashes. He idolizes his wife and goes crazy when she is killed. His loyalty towards his wife is why we can look past him murdering Gatsby. George is part of the FBI and only wanted to protect his wife. Misunderstandings can happen in the real world, and George certainly missed the big picture, but his love for his wife, and his actions of taking down the notorious criminal, Jay Gatsby.

Meyer Wolfsheim

The shady Jewish business associate of Gatsby. He wears human molars as cufflinks, fixed the world series, and makes his money through gambling and racketeering. This is why we can see Wolsheim as another criminal/correspondant to Gatsby's "gang" of criminals in this book.


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