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FBI / J. Edgar Hoover

Jay Gatsby

J. Edgar Hoover
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Prohibition and the FBI
"The Roaring Twenties"
Jay Gatsby
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Jay Gatsby

Jay Gatsby rose up through society from dealings with organized crime. He grew up very impoverished but was able to acquire enough money to buy a very lavish home with a huge library of original texts. Gatsby was always quiet about how he got his money, often bragging that it only took 3 years to get enough money to buy the mansion. he gave many people different reasons such as it was inherited but then the question arose, then how did he recieve the money in 3 years? Nick was really the only person that found out the real truth behind the money. One of Gatsby's closest confidents was a mob boss named Wolfshiem, who was noted as to having fixed the World Series one year.
The FBI was founded to deal with people such as Gatsby during the "Roaring Twenties." Gatsby was able to keep his dealings out of the knowledge of the government. His death was symbolic because Hoover always said that criminals such as he would be found out and put in jail. Instead he was killed with no relation at all to his illegal past but to died for love.

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