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FBI / J. Edgar Hoover

FBI 2004

J. Edgar Hoover
The Sources Page
Origin of the FBI
Prohibition and the FBI
"The Roaring Twenties"
Jay Gatsby
FBI 2004
Present Day FBI

FBI Today and Gatsby

The FBI today has more responsibilities than it did in the 1920's. The FBI today has many more ways of keeping track of people because of all the technological advances. The Patriot Act was passed through Congress very soon after 9/11 to give the FBI more power in obtaining knowledge on suspects of terrorism. The Patriot Act allows agents to search suspected peoples houses and go through their personal records, even down to what books they check out of the library. This is all kept confidential even from the person being investigated. You or I could be a terrorist suspect and have the government know every fact about down to where you eat breakfast in the morning without us every knowing.
The FBI is given more power when the country is in danger. After 9/11 we were all fearing the worst, another terrorist attack on American soil. Laws were passed in this scared environment which gave up many rights given to us by the Constitution.

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